When managed effectively, coaching can positively impact an organisation’s bottom line.  Monthly tracking ensures that we focus on the right goals, pick up systemic issues quickly and are able to feedback relevant information to our clients to assist them in achieving maximum ROI.

Our current client satisfaction rating, using a 5 point scale = lowest 4.37 and highest 4. 76. A recent global survey by PriceWaterhouseCooper the International Coaching Federation and Associated Resource Centre indicated that the average ROI is 7 times the initial investment with more than a quarter of respondents indicating their ROI was more than 10 times the initial investment.

Optimal use of an organisation’s time and investment in a coaching intervention is therefore critical and at CoachMatching we use a rigorous tracking system to manage an implementation from start to finish. Overseeing a coaching intervention can be both time consuming and costly and it has been our experience that few organisations have the internal resources or experience to be able to fulfil this function, therefore we partner with our clients, agree tracking and measurement mechanisms and compile trend analysis as well as individual reports as needed.

Monthly feedback enables our clients stay close to the process without having to be involved in the detail.  The business has access to relevant, vital information and critical data when they need it and we are kept up to date on changes that impact our coachees.  As we operate in an era of constant change, there are many factors that impact on operational effectiveness and employee engagement, it is therefore critical that there is joined up thinking within the business, between external suppliers and the coaches.

Our project and coach supervision acts as an early warning system and if results are not being seen we are able to take decisive action. Though the content of individual sessions is confidential, the process is managed to ensure that the coachee stays focussed on relevant goals, aligned to organisational objectives where accountability is clear.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with CoachMatching.  I have found everyone very accessible and easy to engage, and I will definitely recommend Coach Matching to the business and to my peers and colleagues at every opportunity!" Natalie Wessels, Macquarie, Head of HR