Reach for Agility

Agility is emerging as one of the critical skills leaders need to master at this time. Agility = Failing fast and failing forward and is an uncomfortable place for most of us. Hani Du Toit, inclusion specialist, takes us through a 4 step process that helps us create the environment that enables us to stretch into agility.

Leading Virtually Through Disruption – 5 Tips for Leaders

The leaders role now is more important than ever. We’d like to share with you 5 top tips for moving your human resources to becoming resourceful humans.

The top 5 tips are: 

  1. Provide hope and direction  
  2. Coach and empower
  3. Listen empathetically
  4. Master technology
  5. Replenish yourself

In the following short video, Executive Coach and Stellenbosch Business School Faculty member, Ron Hyams, talks to these 5 points.

Tips for Managing Overwhelming Anxiety and Fear

In this short video Lily Breuning Ellis will take you through an understanding of how to ‘just calm down” and build a healthy response to any and all of the challenges we are currently navigating. These tips are as relevant for CEO’s as for six year olds and will help you to stay calm and productive during lockdown. 

Emotional Buoyancy

Over the past week 1 thing has consistently emerged as a challenge for all of the people I have been talking too. How do I manage my emotions, my mood and my mindset. Intellectually we all know that we need to do it, it’s good for us and its good for others however practically many people struggle in the moment with HOW to ? In the attached 30 minute masterclass Shelley Lewin will take you through the basics and provide practical guidance as to what to do to manage and process emotions effectively.

Creating Good Habits - What's Your Gameplan for the Next 21 Days (Webinar)

There is a reason that on flights we are told “in the event of an emergency, place your own mask on first before helping others”. If you are not in good shape, physically, psychologically and financially it is going to be to a big ask for you to support others. As a leader, I have never felt more aware of the importance of my role; both self leadership and that of leading others.

The next 21 days provide us with a unique opportunity to really focus on creating habits that will form the basis of the new ways of working. Like you, I am overwhelmed by the amount of information coming my way, most of it useful, some of it fake, but all of it distracting.

Deshul Deysel (the inner game part) Effectively managing your Inner Game during this time of uncertainty. Both inspirational and a reality check, Deshun will share hints and practical tips from her experience of being part of the first SA team to summit Everest.

Dr Etienne Van Der Walt (the science part) Neurologist/Neuroscientist and thought leader on how to optimise brain body performance. Etienne will share what and why you need to focus on building your own resilience and the importance of your leadership role to enable others to be collaborative, productive and efficient.

Brad Shorkend (the practical part) our go to guy for all things leadership and employee experience related. He will provide a succinct model applicable to individuals and leaders to provide structure and a framework for the next 21 days.

There’s an urban myth that suggests it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, so let’s make sure we develop good ones that assist you and others to stay focussed, productive, sane and connected during these difficult times.