Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom.



CoachMatching offers a depth of business, systems and HR specialist expertise and consulting experience that our clients call on at key times to provide additional "expert" support. We provide these consulting services to enable an organisation to access our specialist assistance quickly and often as part of a wider initiative.

For example: during a time when an organisation experiences a resource capability issue, when a particular skill doesn’t exist, or if their own resources are stretched too thinly and they need to collaborate and partner with a diverse, highly committed and skilled consultant who has industry or discipline knowledge with an in-house understanding of the challenges and constraints of that organisation.

CoachMatching consultants are available to help organisations address short term issues and to provide long term support to ensure the cycle of continuous improvement towards excellence. We coach and consult to both the individual client and the system of which he or she is a part to ensure sustainable progress.

Benefits of Consulting:

CoachMatching consultants question, listen, think, analyze, brainstorm, challenge assumptions, coach and guide good companies to become even better by finding solutions that add value. Consultants help organisations to better understand their current state and also assist in identifying the options for a desired future state.

Through scenario planning they uncover what the implications are for each scenario and what it will take to get there. Typically CoachMatching would then use a mix of activities to narrow the gap between their current reality and desired future state.